Providing services to persons with intellectual and developmental
disabilities since 1956

GWArc Videos & Video Archives

We hope you enjoy these videos, news reports and Public Service Announcements (PSA's) both recent and from our archives.
Thanks to WCAC-TV, The Waltham Channel!
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GWArc's Short Film "Our Question"
Premiered 11/20/13

2016 46th Annual Harvest Breakfast Highlights

Ciao Down for GWArc 2016 PSA (April 2016)

GWArc's AFC Program 2016

GWArc Employment Team on Waltham Watches

GWArc's 45th Annual Harvest Breakfast 2015

GWArc Participants Help the Needy

Mace Miller- 2015 Myra Kraft Community MVP

GWArc's 44th Annual Harvest Breakfast 2014

GWArc/Rotary Club Food Project

The Arc of Massachusetts 2014 Video with Introduction by GWArc CEO Roz Rubin

GWArc's BIS Mailing Services Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence!

43rd Annual GWArc Harvest Breakfast 2013

GWArc's 42nd Annual Harvest Breakfast 2012

BARK @ GWArc Dog Treats, a Micro Business at GWArc

Blind Therapist, Mace Miller, Drums at GWArc

Art Exhibition with Pablo Friedmann at GWArc

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